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Ages 3 - 6. Balancing music skill and listening discipline, your little ones will love their musical experiences with Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear as they journey through the adventures of learning to play the piano, sing in tune, read musical notation and compose simple music.

Your family can enjoy the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear as they explore the most special place in the whole house, the Music Room! You and and your child can help these fun characters discover the magic of music at Overtones Music Studio.
These are 30 minute private lessons that occur once a week. 
  • $75/month - Junior Teacher
  • $100/month - Senior Teacher
  • $125/month - Master teacher
  • One-time $50 Enrollment/StudioFee with first payment

Call 225-369-2053 to find out about our discount for students who pay the year in full.

  • $195/semester (includes all fees) This includes 10 instructional classes + rehearsal and performance.
  • Class 1A begins September, 2019
  • Class 1B begins January, 2020
 Private & partner lessons are continuous, year round study & may be dropped at any time with an advanced 60 day notice emailed to: overtonesmusicstudio@gmail.com
Duration: Our regular program runs for 12 weeks in the fall and 12 weeks in the spring. 

**Books and materials sold separately
Duration: Enrollment continues year round and is subject to a 60 day drop notice.

**Books and materials sold separately
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These are 30 - 45 minute classes. Class length is determined by the size of the group.
This is your opportunity to try our programs before you commit with no contract.
  • $65/month
  • One-time $50 Enrollment/StudioFee with first payment
  • 5 private lessons for $135 - call 225-369-2053 for lesson availability.
Duration: This program runs for 10 months, August through May when classes are scheduled.  Or, as occasional intro sessions.  See calendar of events. 

**Books and materials sold separately
Duration: Five lessons scheduled on the dates you choose Oct. 1 - Dec 31 and/or March 1 - July 31.  No 5 lesson special during August & September or January & February. 

**Includes all fees and starter materials
IMPORTANT: Please check your schedule carefully.  We can schedule around any conflict you may have up front, but no refunds or rescheduling once lessons are on the calendar.

 Private & partner lessons are continuous, year round study & may be dropped at any time with an advanced 60 day notice emailed to: overtonesmusicstudio@gmail.com
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45 min. classes.  Kidzrock is a music program that teaches children as young as 4 how to play an instrument in the setting of a real rock band. Band members rotate on drums, electric guitar, and keyboard as they prepare to sing and play in a rock concert in addition to singing & performing songs featured on the Kidzrock CD.

Children learn how to read color-coded standard music notation from the Kidzrock Songbook while playing on modified instruments for smaller sized hands. The program creates a unique experience by combining instruments, theory, singing, ensemble performance and rock ‘n’ roll fantasy all rolled into one.
Let Overtones Music Studio provide a unique musical experience for your classroom, early learning center, or any other group with our field trips. Bring your students to enjoy all that our studio has to offer!
  • $10/student. Minimum of 25 students. We can accomodate smaller groups on certain days. Contact us by phone (225-369-2053) or email (overtonesmusicstudio@gmail.com) for more information.  $250 deposit required.  Balance to be paid on day of field trip.
  • $295 - 12 week session - includes all fees.  Song cd available for purchase
Duration: 12 weeks in fall & 12 weeks in spring.  Special sessions offered during summer & winter break.  See calendar for up-coming special sessions.  Student will be considered continuously enrolled from one semester to the next unless a drop notice is emailed to: overtonesmusicstudio@gmail.com no later than last class of current semester.  

Duration:  1 1/2 - 2 hrs. each field trip
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